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What is Farnam?

My walls have lived since 1834. My story is timeless. It is the Greatest Story Ever Told.

There is no greater power than Love.

Farnam Manor has long been a sacred place with special energies of love. If you have ever visited this place, you can testify. It’s real.

Everett Farnam spent 7 years building a magnificent manor for his bride. Each nail was pounded with love as he built the home where he would raise his family. He originally came to the land in 1812 when his father, John Farnam, traveled with his family from Connecticut. He was among those early pioneers who believed a good life waited for them in the rolling beauty of land unseen. John had acquired the land because he had served in the Revolutionary War as a special agent for George Washington. John Farnam had a lot of courage to stand up for what he believed. All men are created equal. We are one.

During the 1920’s, Ella Mayor added my robust rounded solarium, a north wing extension and rear extension to the structure. She operated an elegant gentleman’s club.

The Danish Smorgasbord restaurant made it’s home here from 1948 til 1972. Theo and Ana Marie Kirk lived upstairs and operated the family business downstairs.

By the early 1990s, Farnam Manor had laid by the wayside. The Zaruba family purchased the property and put their heart and soul into renovations. Hard times came and the house laid vacant and abandoned. Many wanted it demolished.

Visions of a bright future came along in 2007 when Tim and Kathleen Magner formed a grassroots organization , Farnam Foundation, Inc.

Everett Farnam said " God and I are partners on this land-- I feel under great obligation to handle things right."

Our mission is to share the message of Love and Light for the highest good through the preservation of this historic landmark. It is used as a special event venue and in truth, is a living history museum. This is a most profound era in our shared heritage.

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Farnam Foundation 501(c)(3)

Everett Farnam said " God and I are partners on this land-- I feel under great obligation to handle things right."


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There are lots of events happening at Farnam Manor.

We are  Cultural Arts Wellness and Education Center located in Richfield,Ohio.

This historic manor can also be home to your next event.

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Updated on: 16 Aug 2019

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